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The Modern Game Promotional Society Inc.

Photo Gallery

2012 Modern Game Promotional Society Annual Show 2012 Modern Game Promotional Society Annual Show Margaret Keeble from NSW accepting her rewards. 164865555 Ken Scott from South Australia enjoying the show. 164865556 Is this another young Modern Game fancier of the future? If he follows in the family tradition he will be. This is young Adrian Laverty holding a tray kindly donated by the Nordstrom family for the best Junior Exhibit. 164865557 David Hughes receiving a few comets. The bloke in the background is the man who raised all the extra funds for the show, Brendan Lloyd... well done mate. 164865558 Finally a picture of Cookie (Daniel Cook) This picture is the before "lets hit the nightclub look" as I can assure you that Cookie, Hughsie and Justin Wissell did not look like this the next day, hey boys!! 164865559 Just have a look at these two blokes, there is mischief written all over there faces and I wonder what Les is saying to James... probably something like, "it would have to be your shout now Hughsie"!! 164865560 Barry is a great judge of Modern Game and he is seen here in front of the winning pile pullet. 164865561 Ian McNamarra (Smacker to his mates) walking the blue mile and checking out the damage! 164865562 Dominique Auguste all the way from WA holding the Reserve Champion black red. Nice Cockerel. 164865563 MGPS new member and keen modern game breeder, Sherryl Loy enjoying the show and we had her working. 164865564 Check out the cheeky look on this blokes face!! What are you and Barry talking about Les? 164865565 Barry Simpkins and his steward Maragret Oxley as he casts his eye ovewr the Pile pullets. Bloody nice jacket Brian!! 164865566 Here's a couple of likely looking blokes... likely to be up to no good knowing them!!! Anyway Graeme Rantall and Jeff Fulcher enjoying a chat and just enjoying the great atmosphere of the show. Well done men!! 164865567 Ian Simpson (on the left) and Graham Kemp, two of our MGPS stalwarts enjoying the proceedings and catching up for a good old fashioned chinwag. 164865568 Part of the South Australian invasion was team father and son... Gary (on the right) and Josh Smith watching the Pile section of the show being judged. 164865569 Champion Lemon Blue, a cockerel also belonging to Daniel Cook. 164865570 Champion Duckwing, a female belonging to Daniel Cook. 164865571 Champion Silver Duckwing, a cock owned and shown by David Hughes. 164865572 Champion blue red, a pullet also owned and shown by the Al-N-Wayne stud. 164865573 Reserve Champion blue red, a cockerel also owned and shown by the AL-N-Wayne stud. 164865574 Champion Blue tail wheaten, a nice hen also owned and shown by James Hughes of WA... a long way from home but loving it!! 164865575 Reserve Champion wheaten bred blue red went to this cockerel owned and shown by James Hughes from WA. 164865576 Champion Large Modern in show. A good coloured partridge hen proudly owned by James Hughes from WA... one of many good ones shown by James. 164865577 Reserve Champion Pile, a nice reachy cockerel owned and shown by the Al-N-Wayne stud from Queensland. 164865578 Big Kev, busy judging the creel section at the show. 164865579 Noel and Margaret Oxley with Kath McKenna (centre) holding the plaque for most successful Female exhibitor. 164865580